With this plan, You receive a dedicated direction IP, and a specific software to realise the transmission of audio correctly.

This audio one can have as origin archives in format live mp3 or contained obtained of sources of audio (from its plate of sound or console). His servant will relay the signal received from his PC to each user who connects himself to his site.

Freehostshop.com will be in charge of the configuration and administration of the servant, offering him technical support in Spanish to all restlessness.

Tariffs Streaming Servants:
In all the cases, the maximum quality of transmission will be of 32Kb and limitless transference.

  • Cant. Max. de Usuarios
    Monthly installment
  • 64 simultaneous users
  • 128 simultaneous users
  • 256 simultaneous users
  • Other configurations:
    to consult
Line Characteristics of the Servant:
>> Servant of Streaming (AUDIO).
>> Administrative access to the console to administer the configuration of the servant.
Line Requirements of the User:
>> PC able to publish sound (Minimum Recommended: 233 Mhz, 64 RAM MEGABYTE, Plate of Sound 16 Bits PCI or Capturadora Plate).
>> Operating system Windows, Linux, MAC.
>> Freehostshop.com offers all the software to him necessary to realise the transmission.
>> Connection to Internet (Minimum Recommended: ADSL/CABLE/LAN/WIRELESS otherwise of 128 kbps). This PC will have to be connected to Internet whenever you wish to transmit.
>> The values above indicated are only the indispensable ones to realise the connection.

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