Terms and Conditions

GENERAL NORMS of use applicable to our service and our Subscribers. In future reference to the person will be made who acquires anyone of the services of Freehostshop.com as “the Subscriber>>. The use of the contracted services estimates the complete acceptance of the following conditions:

1 - Contents

The services contracted with Freehostshop.com must be used exclusively with allowed aims. It is strictly prohibited the use of anyone of the services contracted with national or international Freehostshop.com that break any local Law. While he uses the services contracted with Freehostshop.com, the subscriber will not be able:

To disclose or to transmit illegal, abusive, slanderous, racist, offensive information, or any other type of susceptible information of objection, either by means of advertising photographies, texts, banners or external page connections, as well as to publish, to transmit, to reproduce, to distribute or to operate any information or software that virus or any other harmful component contains, software or another material that is not original (hacked into), to infringe rights of intellectual property, to publish or to facilitate material or resources on hacking, cracking, or any other information that Freehostshop.com considers unsuitable. Any use of the system for illicit aims will qualify to Freehostshop.com to suspend the services contracted without previous warning.

In order to denounce a service or dominion that is being used for illicit aims communicate with our Department of Investigation through: abuse@Freehostshop.com.net

2 - Low refusal or of the service

Freehostshop.com reserves right to deny to suspend or to cancel services contracted by subscriber with or without notification previous, if the subscriber incurs any conduct or activity that Freehostshop.com considers abuse or violation of some of the terms, norms and conditions set out here, with or without previous warning and not taking responsibility of the consequences that could be for this reason. This situation also contemplates cases in which the Technical area of Freehostshop.com cancels the service to accounts that incur actions that do not allow the correct operation of the other users. Each case of suspension will be evaluated and to correspond the personnel loss of the client will occur.

Also, the Subscriber accepts and is notified who Freehostshop.com reserves the right to eliminate, to suspend or to cancel definitively any contracted service, information or content of hosting of the subscriber, if for operative or commercial reasons it will be necessary and some is not necessary notification more than the following terms and conditions.

3 - Programs and scripts

For the case of the accounts of hosting that have execution permissions, the subscriber can install and execute scripts that considers opportune. However, Freehostshop.com reserves the right to deactivate any script or software installed by the subscriber who affects to the normal operation of the servants and harms other clients who provide with accomodations sites in the same. On the other hand, all software or application that is installed by the user in servants of Freehostshop.com in servants as much shared as dedicated, must own the license of corresponding use that guarantees the rights of the user. In case of mediating a request of verification of license from the propietary organization of installed software, the service will be suspended until the usuary one presents the corresponding permissions for this installation.

4 - Transference (Bandwidth)

All the plans of hosting include a guaranteed amount of monthly traffic. If you surpass the transference limit will be let know to him the email direction that it formed as main contact when discharging from the hospital his service. The restriction cannot be removed, if its site exceeds form you frequent you you can solicit that its plan is extended to obtain a rate of high transference but and to avoid possible blockades of the service Web.

5 - Contract of the Hosting

It does not exist any implied warranty nor obligation that is not explicitly enumerated in this document, on the relation between the subscriber and Freehostshop.com.

Once asked for the plan and envoy the e-mail of confirmation of the data of the order of purchase, you will have 30 days to realise the payment corresponding to the same.

After made the payment by the service, the same must be informed from the area of clients WHOSE ACCESS IS IN the MAIN PAGE OF the SITE, in the option: “Information of Payment>> in order that the activation or renovation of a service is realised.

The entrance of the payment data does not guarantee that its payment can be verified, the client will be able to visualize the state its payment, after passed the term considered of delay that is had detailed, from the AREA CLIENTS.

Once their payment is verified, it will be informed to him through an e-mail in his e-mail of contact. In case its payment cannot be verified by our Dpto. Office staff, this report of payment will be eliminated, warning by email will be sent and will have to return to inform being enclosed it a scaneo into its proof from payment.

Low of the service:
In order to terminate a service, the client, it will have to ask for and to confirm the same from the direction of email formed in his area of clients, with the subject “To ask for Loss>>. To the direction of e-mail: clientes@Freehostshop.com.com Can at any time make it of the plan losing the right on the balance nonused and the information eliminated from the confirmation of the loss.

6 - Loss of data

Freehostshop.com does not become person in charge by the loss of data in the servant caused by users, failures in our system or updates in our servants or another imponderable one Is responsibility of the user maintaining a backup copy (backup) of the site. Also it is responsibility of the user to maintain under defense mails of the webmail system. Freehostshop.com also realises backups of all the sites, but she does not offer guarantees exceeds.

Freehostshop.com does not realise backups (backup copies) of the content of the e-mails, if from it structures of the accounts of mail (name, user and password), reason why the subscriber must take collections to assure their defense.

7 - Payments and Victories

The date of payment is of 10 days from its generation. To the 10 days the system sends to 1er reminding warning. To the 15 days recodatorio is sent 2nd. In the case that the client does not realise the payment and warns of the same through area of clients, Freehostshop.com reserves the right to suspend the website temporarily as of day 20 where 3er was sent and I complete warning informing the suspension into the account. For the reactivation the amount corresponding to the cost of renovation of its service will be due to pay and the same will be reactivated only once the accreditation of the payment is verified. Before the lack of payment to 30 days in excess later to the date of victory, the definitive cancellation of its site corresponds, with the corresponding elimination of all the information lodged in the servant by the user. This way the user loses all right to reclamation by the eliminated information. The payment of the service is realised per advanced month, in annual, quarterly form or monthly according to the detail of the plan indicates it.

In payment means where it is necessary a communication of the client to inform and to individualize the realised payment Freehostshop.com reserves the right preventively to suspend or to cancel the account of the client until this one report this payment and Freehostshop.com emits receipt requested of this payment.

 a- The case of plans that they include of Registry of international Domains, when arriving at the victory the dominion automatically enters suspension and changes the payable state to. The holder will count on 10 days to pay the same at the cost of renovation determined by Freehostshop.com. Spent those 10 Freehostshop.com days he does not assure that a dominion can be renewed no matter how hard the payment has been realised. In case of impossibility of renovation of the dominion, Freehostshop.com will refund to the subscriber the amount paid by the renovation of the dominion

8 - Modifications

Freehostshop.com reserves the right to introduce modifications in the characteristics and prices of the plans and/or supplied services. All notification that affects to the technical characteristics of the supplied services will directly take place through our webpages in Internet. And the mere use of the services of Neolo implies the acceptance of the modifications and/or updates of the present document.

9 - Political Anti-Spam (Shipment of publicity nonasked for)

Next to the growth of Internet the abuse of the email also grows. People bother much before mail Spam and send complaints to the suppliers. Due to this we must assume a strict position with respect to mail Spam. the subscriber commits himself not to transmit publicity asked for through email or any other means in Internet not being publicized any services provided with accomodations with Freehostshop.com, or through services contracted with us or any other supplier of services. The breach of this point will entail to the immediate suspension and without previous warning of the contracted services. All cost that is generated will be loaded in the account of the user. If it is detected sent of mail Spam on the part of a user, the account will be suspended. to continue with this policy the account he will be eliminated of our servants and as we mentioned above the user will have to become position of the caused expenses and damages to other users of the same servant.

10 - Shipment of massive mail

One inquires that the massive shipment of post office is not allowed, since is affected the operation of the servant from who it takes place. If the Subscriber counts on certain number of users who are interested in receiving certain information about their company or service, before doing the shipment of corresponding mail, communicates with the technical area so that the necessary instructions offer him, not to generate conflicts of any type. In case of taking place the massive shipment of mail the account will be suspended of immediate way on the part of the technical department of our company. It will be restored only once the Subscriber puts himself in touch with this department to be clarified the situation and Freehostshop.com considers that there is risk of “banneo>> of direction IP of the mail servant or no saturation of the servants.

11 - Policy Anti-Phishing

Suspension and/or cancellation on watch before detection of phishing from a website lodged in Freehostshop.com

“Phishing>> is a modality related to the obtaining of information for the accomplishment of a swindle and/or robbery of identity. It consists of taking information as numbers of password, credit cards, information of accounts or other personal data, by means of deceits. This type of fraud is received habitually through messages of e-mail or emergent windows

Freehostshop.com supports to international organisms in the fight against phishing in Internet

If it thinks that she has been victim of “phishing>>, it comes from the following way:

* Report immediately of the fraud to technical Support.

* It provides the details of the swindler, as the received messages, to the competent authority through Center of denunciations of fraud in Internet https://www.ic3.gov. This center works anywhere in the world in collaboration with the legal authorities to close the fraudulent websites quickly and to identify the people in charge of the fraud

If it thinks that its personal information has been robbed or put in danger, also it must communicate it to the FTC https://www.ftc.gov

The websites that are used with this intention will be considered case by case. It will be come generally to the immediate suspension from the same, where we will verify
*Si is the direct responsible client the suspension will be definitive and irreversible.

*Si vulnerabilities in applications installed in their space have been used Web with this intention, will have to be committed to correct them and to erase the malicious archives of their Web.

In case of backsliding, so that their site is reactivated will have to be acomprometer to correct the vulnerabilities and to erase the malicious archives of their site. If after it its account is used again with this intention we will come to the definitive and irreversible cancellation from the same.

In order to denounce a service or dominion that this being used for illicit aims communicates with our Department of Investigation through: abuse@Freehostshop.com.net

Also, the plans of hosting will be able to exclusively store archives corresponding to websites. The archives .zip, .tar.gz videos or other extensions that exceed the 100MEGABYTE size will be considered precise and could directly be eliminated by Freehostshop.com without consultation the client in order to maintain the stability and agility in the Web servants hosting. This elimination of contents will not give rise right to indemnification some on the part of the supplier. For the file storage of great size (majors to 100MEGABYTE) the client will have to contract a service of VPS.

12 - Recording of Domains

The procedure of the dominion for which the recording to Freehostshop.com is paid is subject to the availability at the time of the registry before the corresponding organization. This proceeding only begins once the accreditation of the payment is verified. Once transacted a dominion the characters of the same cannot modify and the return of the amount paid by the same does not take place. When realising any proceeding related to a dominion in Freehostshop.com you accept the terms and conditions settled down by international organization ICANN

Freehostshop.com corroborates the availability at the time of completing the order of purchase by means of the servant of WHOIS of the operator of TLD corresponding. Freehostshop.com does not take responsibility by the information contained in the data base WHOIS of the operator of TLD, since this is provided without no guarantee or guarantees with respect to its exactitude.

In case of detecting itself as occupied or nonvalid the dominion that the client entered in the order of purchase, the option will occur him the same to send an alternative dominion maintaining the same extension that the selected one in the purchase. The detection and report of occupied or nonvalid dominion, are realised when the dominion already owns the verified payment and passage to recording. The notification takes place via email with the instructions for the shipment of the alternative name. A dominion can be suspended for technical or administrative reasons by Freehostshop.com, having the client the possibility of communicating with the area of Payments from its area of client for the resolution.

When arriving at the victory the dominion automatically enters suspension and changes the payable state to. The holder will count on 10 days to pay the same.
Spent 15 days of the date of victory of the dominion, the same is eliminated.

13 - Renovation of Domains

The Domains will be only renewed that have been registered initially by Freehostshop.com without exception. The Domains that are not in this situation have the option of being transferred to Freehostshop.com having to realise this change, a minimum of 60 days before the date of victory. The renovation proceeding only begins once the accreditation of the payment is verified, although this it does not guarantee the renovation of the dominion. A dominion could only be renewed if the payment were realised in time and forms, otherwise, will not be possible. In addition Freehostshop.com does not guarantee nor takes responsibility if the dominion could not be renewed.

14 - Transference of Domains

It is a service that Freehostshop.com by courtesy with its clients realises, Freehostshop.com does not become person in charge by the correct conclusion of the proceedings of transference initiated by its recording area since it only depends on which the organization where this initially the dominion releases the dominion at issue in time and that is responded correctly emails sent to the direction of email of the administrative contact of the dominion in the organization of initial registry. Return of the money is not realised because Freehostshop.com pays when the proceeding begins. The transference proceeding only begins once the accreditation of the payment is verified

It is responsibility of the client who pays the transference proceeding, to verify that the dominion is in Active state or OK in the organization of initial registry and to enter the Code of transference from his area of client.

So that a year of renovation to the transferred dominion is added, the same must have more than 45 days of the date of creation or renovation in another organization.

15 - Maximum of sent post office

The limit of shipment of post office allowed by Freehostshop.com in its individual plans and remarketers, is of 500 mails per day for each account of mail. In case of detecting an excess in the amount of post office it will be come with the blockade of the shipment of salient post office.
The more usual causes of suspension are:

- A vulnerability in some form Web for the shipment of post office. In these cases, the suspension does not have reactivation cost and it activates as soon as the user communicates and coordinates with the Technical area the resolution of the vulnerability.

- Use of the account of post office exclusively for the shipment of mail Spam. These cases, consequently have the suspension of the account, opening of a case of pursuit and generation of the corresponding invoice. The account will be reactivated only after verified the payment of the debt.

IMPORTANT: These limitations are applied only to individual plans and remarketers that are in shared servants.

The limitation in Dedicated servants and VPS only depends on the capacity of the equipment (hardware).

16 - Applicable legislation and Responsibility before remarketers

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law. All the controversies or litigations derived from the present Request will be put under the jurisdiction of the competent courts of the city of Mar del Plata, Argentine Republic. This Contract will be in force by the laws of the Argentine Republic. Freehostshop.com does not own contractual relation some with the final client who contracts the service a “remarketer>> of the service. The conditions and norms enunciated here could be modified on the part of Freehostshop.com without previous warning, notifying it by the means that consider necessary.

When contracting our services you declare to know and to accept these policies of use.

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