offers the possibility of handling its own company him of hosting, offering one to him of the most beneficial programs for the remarketer of spaces on the Web. offers the technology, the service, the advising to him and has supported so that it initiates his own business. You will be able to offer to his clients the same benefits to him that in its plans offers, and to determine his tariffs with total freedom.

Responsibilities of with its Resellers:
>> Total anonymity before its clients.
>> High-priority technical support.
>> Detailed monthly information of its debits.
>> High of Domains in 8 hours.

Responsibilities of the Reseller:
>> Registry of Domains or transferences
>> To provide direct invoicing to its clients
>> Collection of its clients
>> Direct technical support to its clients

Plans of lodging for Remarketers:

The Plans of Lodging for Remarketers are ideal stops:
>> People who wish to initiate a commercial project of high performance and yield from the lodging sale Web for their clients.

>> People who own numerous contracts of lodging, or act as intermediaries of other companies with contracted lodging, and wish to receive real an economic benefit, having in addition greater control on the acquired lodgings.

The Remarketer, will acquire anyone of our plans of Lodging for Resellers and will be able to administer the acquired space to its convenience, him to resell lodging to its clients, and as well to obtain thus more beneficial gains.

Tariffs for Plans of Hosting Reseller:
  • Cant. of Sites
    Monthly installment
    Cost x Site
    Data base
  • PLAN 10
    10 sites
  • PLAN 20
    20 sites
  • PLAN 40
    40 sites
  • Dominios Adicionales
    1 x sitio
Line Características Básicas:
» Plataformas Linux
» Espacio en disco: 500 MB por sitio
» Estadísticas diarias
» Panel de Control para el Administrador
» Panel de Control para el cliente
» Soporte PHP (Linux)
» Bases de datos MySQL
Line Correo Electrónico:
» Cuentas POP3: 30 por dominio
» Alias de e-mail: Ilimitados
» Webmail: Para todos los dominios
» Redireccionamientos: Ilimitados
» Autoresponders: Ilimitados
» Anti-Spam: SI
» Anti-Virus: SI
» Atención al Cliente por Mesa de Ayuda: Sólo al reseller
» Atención Telefónica: Solo al reseller
» Tramitación de dominios
» DNS's anónimos


Mesa de Ayuda