Offer the website generator to your hosting customers. Enhance the hosting product you offer by including this handy program. Let your customers build their website in a matter of minutes.

Download the freeHostmaster version of the website generator from the link below.


The standard install distribution can be used for standardWindows andUnixhosting situations.

The Hostmaster distribution consists of the website generator program and a (restricted) demo version.

The website generator library (wglib) is required to operate the Hostmaster version on your servers. It contains 163 templates and the sound, button and flash files. Download the wglib distibution from the link below. Upload the library (wglib) to a public accessible location on your domain.


To remove the "Program is Locked" messages in the templates and the admin interface, you need to install some unlock files and an unlock key code. To purchase the key, use the purchase link on this page.

Purchase a licenced key for $129.95

N.B. Before purchasing a licenced key, make sure all features of the program are functioning in your server setup. Specially verify the template, sound,flash and buttondownload capability andthe image, banner and logo upload facility. PHP should be setup to allow file uploads and the safe mode should be switched off.

Please proceed to the secure credit card processing page to order your licensed key. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by

All references to have been removed from thehostmaster distribution. With the unlock code installed, you can add a reference to your hosting service in the admin interface of each customer. It is also possible (if desired) to add a link to your hosting service at the bottom of the templates. Thesereferences can be made in thewglib directorysettings.

Go ahead and download the free distribution. Try the functionality of the program on your servers.

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